Being in the outdoors allows me to reset, to ground myself and escape from the pressures of mainstream life, shedding all the distractions so I can just be. In these moments I clear my mind and focus on my surroundings, allowing myself to see the details of the beauty and fragility of nature in its purest forms. Be it the features of sweeping landscapes to the abstract detail of water, rocks, plants, or wildlife, that are always juxtaposed against the elements of the sun, moon, stars, wind, and rain.

What all these have in common for me is light, shapes, textures and patterns and the moments when they choose to come together in a way that bring to life feelings of wonder and awe. Moments where you are struck by feelings that are sometimes overwhelming and where you almost feel like what you are seeing is unbelievable. They are always fleeting moments as life doesn’t stop, and the art comes in seeking out and capturing these moments in time as evidence that the moment was real, and that I can go back there every time I see that image again.

I have taken the pledge to abide by the principles of Nature First, a photographers alliance for responsible nature photographers.  

Nature First is built on seven core principles that help communicate how each of us can enjoy nature photography responsibly. The Nature First Principles were developed to help educate and guide both professional and recreational photographers in sustainable, minimal impact practices that will help preserve nature’s beautiful locations. #naturefirst

  • Prioritise the well-being of nature over photography.
  • Educate yourself about the places you photograph.
  • Reflect on the possible impact of your actions.
  • Use discretion if sharing locations.
  • Know and follow rules and regulations.
  • Always follow Leave No Trace principles and strive to leave places better than you found them.
  • Actively promote and educate others about these principles  
Logo for the Nature First Alliance